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Related article: Date : Wed, 22 February 2006 03 10th 42 EST From: aol Wyzman34. com Subject: Brother 2 Brother Chapter 17 Brother 2 Brother s By Michael Martell Chapter 17: Julien and Andre Goodbody gym was ready for my getting to work and relieve me a certain pressure. I was hot shit all day and did nothing to made ​​him stop. It all started when I woke up this morning, it ` s hard Nine ' in was hard as steel. N as Julien and I were together they produce, and woke up helped a brotha. There was nothing like the first, in which n In the morning blow job, fucking straw. Ensure that the mother first to start the day was the best. But Julian was not there, he was out, but were not together. , I still had not spoken with him and so long n I was too stupid to try, however, I just wanted you to wrong. I tried to call Dalziel, who had been hanging out and chillin n lately. We would like to play basketball and shit and then we have our pace. DalzieI liked the club's success and a couple of tricks that we have n may meet in a threesome. Dalziel was off the chain when it came to sex and all around. It was definitely cool to burn in the cold, some trees , bust a Pthc Preteen nut, but when it came time to interview some real ot some shit like it was not all. But I needed some relief and gave him a call. Of all the times the black not home. At any other time, and would have, would have broken his neck for me to do the damn thing. So I started my morning by lifting the ` Hard Nine 'til I break all over again. I got into the shower and was preparing for church, I had not done in a while, but I decided I needed to return. " Robinson Hello brother," said the Rev. Gibson when I went to Pthc Preteen the Church , while in the morning to meet and greet. I had gone to New Zion Baptist Church, and for several years. I started New Zion with my parents when I was a young cat and jUST dropped from the passage of time. Reverend Derrick Gibson has me and my family has known for years. that baptized me. "It's been a long time, Brother Robinson" " Yes, Reverend, " I said and went to church. Why is it if not to go to church for a while Pthc Preteen and then again everyone does a big business. However, I need a place near the back of the church took place, there was no need for front and center. Rev. Gibson was good to call people and the back and eyes badly that I can find with ease. I seats were in the back seat, while the choir took their positions and my eyes this Brotha sexy, light-skinned. She wore a black suit with a white shirt and red tie. He had curly black hair and stood Pthc Preteen over 5 feet 8 inches n seemed that there was more than 160 lbs. Damn, he looked good and if turned our eyes seemed to lock. Again and again he tried not to look away, but it was not for him alone. Okay, so you should not have been in the church flirting and causes of feverhow, but I was hot and could not stop I n. When the church was finished, I stayed around and talked to the reverend, some deacons , deaconesses, Wright- who are trying to get her married granddaughter ugly Emma. Everything, from what I could see that sexy shorty s in the chorus of. My eyes lit up when I saw him standing. I was walking to an expedition , dyed burgundy. I looked at him, he had a great ass, and ` Nine pulled hard to life. I went to him when he opened the door n of the truck. " You have a beautiful voice," he said. He turned to the course praise, and his eyes and face glowed with surprise and joy when he saw a me. He looked around and think about it. "Thank you. If you are looking for you to sing a joyful noise unto the Lord. " N I smiled, "Amen. My name is Andre, friends call me Dre " said the extension my ​​hand. He looked at her and shook mine. "Isaac T. White," he said, and I realized I was feeling. I heard the stirring of his hand and squeezed it before releasing. He cleared his throat the throat and I caught him looking at the hard ` Nine '. " So what you do next? " I asked. " I want to meet some friends and hang out. " Isaac said. that came to him and when he did not smile again until I do. " So what Pendant with n to me, " "What do" n I smiled and smiled back. He followed me to my house. We talked a little. I gave a drink to loosen him and relaxes him. if n does not work I was sitting next to him took his hand and put them in the 'hard Nine'. She gasped for air and he was. We kissed and removal of clothing such as madman. My mind was racing. Ah, yes, that would break this ass. then is what has happened. He opened my pants and when the drive ` Nine 'appeared ready din Isaac T. White turned and ran. Yes, he bolted leaving a Brotha with a hard toll on any comfort. I refused to take my cock over again. I tried again, but Dalziel your mailbox on your cell phone at home. That has been more critical. went to thand Community Center to shoot some hoops. I had to go pressure. I started shooting hoops by myself. I met with the full court hot to try to work hard and my body sweat so tired that I ever could. " Sup, I can ¿ be you? " N I turned around and there was a 6 foot 6 inches tall, thin, muscular skin, dark Brotha with rows of corn, mustache and goatee stood smiling me. Damn man ! " Sure," I said. "Cool, I'm Kleavon, friends call me " "call André, my friends Dre, " We exchanged kilos and played one in a n. We played hard, hot and heavy for three good games. I was still a little of a sudden me two games to one. " are you going back ? " Demand. " No, I have to go. " I said. " aight " Kleavon said, and opened the gym bag and a towel after removing his shirt, dried. Yes, I was looking because the Brotha was the sexiest breasts I had seen in a while. The ' hard Nine was " back to life. N " All right, I? " KleaI have been asked. " Yes, yes... I... I have to go. " I was there and rush home. It was still hot and would not reconnect. I took a long shower and then decided to take a nap. I woke up three hours later covered in cum n. I had the wildest dream that I had wet. I checked, Isaac T. White, Kleavon, Dalziel, and Julien. We had a sex change until n the other sex, and all nuts were popping up all over the place. it is that woke me when I nutted nutted in a dream really. I took another bath decided to be the time to go to the gym and this pressure is out, so here I was, with the search for iron pump Goodbody and taking into account I knew hours I would be alone. No one to judge, which was well good or bad, depending on your point of view. So I went on free and started lifting weights. "Hi Dre," My heart froze. I knew the voice well. I put the weight and turned to Julian. The first thing I noticed was that he vi good. It looked very good. "Sup Julien :" I said, I tried to shake his hand, but he looked at me. I deserves. " I have a question for you," he said. " What ? " " Why? If you love me more. If you are someone new, why not found You tell me. Why did you leave as a sneak thief in the night " I do not know what to say. I had never been in that situation with of a man. When I was a woman, could have left him, but not this time. What do I mean? " Julien... man is not what you think. " "Okay, what I think is that you have found someone else and were better of who I am. " " Julian is not true. "I said. " So tell me the truth," Julien necessary. You deserve the truth, and I was n a point of telling her phone went. He looked at the caller ID, in that and turned to me. " You know what André. Thanks. Just helps me realize something. " And he was talking on cell phones. Damn, that has a great ass. DAMN! I'm hotand like shit ! When I went to the locker room and saw Andre, I started walking away only , but could not. They deserve answers. But I understand it ? I doubted it. I went to him when he was lifting weights. I forgot and it appeared. The conversation was as expected. I had answer for me, I wanted to hear. When the phone rang that was upset until I saw the caller ID. Damarr was, we had dinner Date. "Hey, I'm finishing something that can take only two seconds? " "King Sure," said Damarr. After pressing the mute button. Damarr and I n to each other after that night out of my seat. They were very nice dates. Dinner, movies, theater, museums, openings. Last night we a reading African American poets. We spent time getting to know to each other, and we did not physically, although admitting that it was must keep always difficult, but looking at Andre, I realized something something very important. damarr was here and showed me that is a second chance he wanted. When our relationship ended, he made ​​no secret n as a thief, he was a man about it. Thanks André I had not realized that this n and not Damarr. I turned to Andre and I headed the door, I spoke Damarr. " Damarr Hello, I apologize. " I said. " I understand, the work called King. " S ". Damarr said. I was smiling. " I was not really related. I met Andre at the gym. " " Okay. This is what I saw? " Damarr asked. " Yes " " How was king ? " Damarr asked: " Did you get the answers I wanted, " " Yes, but not by him, at least not directly. "I said. " Actually, I 'm sorry to hear King. I know he wanted to get something responses. " " Yes, but the response I get is much more important. Would you be disappointed if we eat instead of going out to dinner? "I asked. " This is good. Is there something wrong with the king? " Damarr asked. I was smiling. " No, I think, " Golden Dragon " for dinner. " " Yummy. I'll wait. had " We have two " Golden Dragon "special Damarr where found in down and saw 'Love Jones " with Larenz Tate and Nia Long. As we ate, and watch the movie I was looking Damarr here we are again together, and that did not like the Damarr himself knew that a year or so ago seem. We were watching embraced Larenz and Nia together find each other, lose each other meet again. That Damarr and I took her hand in mine n and got in the film. But somewhere amid all I looked deeply into his eyes and soon Damarr we kissed. is a passionate kiss kiss kiss sensual, erotic. When finished Damarr is I found a bit surprised. " King? " I got up and pulled him to me. I kissed him before took him to his room. " King you are!.. Are you sure? " Asked Damarr. " I am very sure. We have waited long enough, and it's done... I love you, Damarr. " Moved Damarr and I were each other and kissed and caressed us for all another page. Both of our bodies as they had last seen the change the other side. Damarr had a fantastic body. I loved stroking and touching is. Damarr and got into bed and kissed and caressed us after love. It felt like the first time, when we make love. Damarr mind was as bubbles of a lover as I remembered. When finished, he put on the bed keep each other never fails that every one goes, and that was the form were when the phone rang. Pull your answer and then stopped. I always my work in front of our relationship. Damarr had a point and time would be different. " It is good that the King. Answer the phone. It could be the job. " Well, there was a new Damarr. A year ago there would be a lot of attitude. I stretched my hand out of n and looked at the caller ID. It was work, my partner said. I the phone and after a few minutes of conversation that was up and out the bed and began to dress morehg. I explained that a call Damarr n a loud noise from a party, and when the uniformed units, which were found alcohol, drugs and at least two people Roofies given. I did not like going out, but I needed it, with the help the survey. To my surprise, once again Damarr was very understanding. He gave me a kiss, and before leaving, he told me to be sure and come back. I knew that. was on my way to the goal of the party, when my partner called me and I told me to meet him at the hospital. The two victims were taken roofie is. I changed my career and when I reached the hospital, Carlos only got to me. " What do we have ? " I asked. Carlos saw his platform, " fell two black men 18, 19 round. Roofies were at this party, they throw out. " " How do we know that it was roofies ? "I asked. " No one can remember what happened and act like as roofies. " "Why someoneand roofies be two males. In general, men are turning to the before sexually assaulting a woman... "I stopped immediately," were... " Carlos nodded. " If the uniforms arrived, there was evidence that had been repeatedly sexually abused. " " gear changes ? "I asked, had some of the bands of some initiations, including members who have sex with other members, including same-sex members. " We are investigating, but so far no signs of his Gang Related " n. Carlos said. " We have the names of the victims? "I asked. " Yes.. uh... Jamal and the other Moyenda Kei... " " Wait a minute, " he said," She said Moyenda ? Moyenda Jamal ? " " Yes You know him? "Said Carlos. " I think so. "We asked a nurse for us to take that gladly did. My was the mind a mile a minute. Moyenda Jamal was the son of one of Andrew friends. Moyenda Mohammed, who was a fighter professional. When he came to doctor was investigated by them. I realized that the Pthc Preteen young man Jamal Moyenda , son of MohamedMoyenda. Carlos and I went and Jamal Moyenda looked with an Pthc Preteen expression of fear, confusion and pain. " Jamal, I am the Sergeant Linton Julien and his partner is my Detective Carlos Martinez. Can you tell me what happened? " "What did you call me ?" said. " Jamal. Moyenda Jamal is you. " I looked at the doctor, which meant to us n meet him outside. "Doc, what 's going on here ? " " Gentlemen, one of the side effects of Rohypnol is amnesia. " Said Dr.. " Are you saying that we will not be able to do any of them? " I asked. " It may be, but are in a memory leak. It may be take some time. " We thanked the doc. I told Carlos that I wait, I had to make a call. E n the numbers do not Mohammed 's friends, but I'm André has the number. I is marked and after a few, he said. "Andre knows how to contact his friend, Eric, Shane, Sean, no ? " I asked. " Yes, why ? " André asked. " Jamal is in the hospital. He and the otherboy. "N " My God, " Andre said :" What happened? " I shook my head : " At this point I can not give that information, but Jamal is here and now are with him. Andre, we need parents here. " " I'm calling now. What hospital? " I told him the hospital n and hung up. I was Carlos, who was Jamal Moyenda Asked n of what had happened, but his mind was still foggy. Until we have more n information we had no idea they are to us. Meanwhile, I hoping that someone would soon come to be with these young people. Coming Soon. continued the author would like hear from you. can write to wyzman34 aol. com
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